Pets for Patriots Program

No More Veterans in Need, No More Homeless Pets

Pets for Patriots works to match veterans with companion animals by partnering with shelters and veterinarians across the country. Their vision is simple:Pets for Patriots

“Our vision is to end animal homelessness in the United States while giving our military veterans and their families the greatest ‘thank you’ of all: the extraordinary love of a companion pet.

We can make this happen through our nationwide shelter and veterinary networks, military and veteran organizations, and a public that values the lives of both the most vulnerable and heroic among us.”

Pets for Patriots delivers on their mission of giving gifts of fidelity, joy, and love to both veteran and pet through companion animal adoption by:

Collaborating with the animal welfare community

Giving hope to the hopeless

Being a leading voice for sheltered animals

Helping veterans afford a new pet friend

Pets for PatriotsDFW Humane Society is privileged to be a shelter partner with Pets for Patriots.

As a thank you for their service, any veteran that enrolls with Pets for Patriots, and visits our shelter to adopt an eligible pet will have the pet adoption fee waived (customary application procedures still apply).

For more information about enrolling in the Pets for Patriots program as well as pet eligibility and program benefits, visit