Otis adopted by Maryann on 12/04/2010
Otis has pretty much become the light of my life. He has the personality of an old wise soul mixed with the hysterics of a giant puppy. He loves his dog siblings and pretty much any other dog that he meets from tiny to huge. He’s quickly become spoiled and expects 4-star treatment including being lifted (and he’s no lightweight) on the bed every night. He has taken up several hobbies, including WWF wrestling with his pittie brother Rulon, sleeping on top of me in the recliner (which will soon probably break under our combined weight and has developed a strange clothes fetish where he collects everything he can reach. His current favorite thing to do is to spread my bras throughout the backyard when he gets to go in and out of the house when I’m home. He’s a great addition to the family and although my walls/furniture/clothes/etc are now speckled with slobber, I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Thank you, DFW Humane Society!