Sheldon adopted by Jill on 08/02/2014
When the DFW Humane Society volunteer walked out of the new trailer at an Irving Parks and Rec event last Saturday with Ramsey, I was hooked. This small little guy (12 pounds) walked out of the trailer like he owned the place. Tail high and wagging with a jaunty, happy gait. (What he lacks in size he more than makes up for in cockiness!) We took him home that day and he quickly joined the family–although the cats aren’t too thrilled. We renamed him Sheldon after the TV character in “Big Bang Theory” because he nestles into our spots on the sofa whenever we move. I had been casually looking for a dog online through rescue and shelter sites for a year but never made a phone call or sent an e-mail to follow up. My mom has the dearest little Yorkie I found for her last year through rescues so I was primarily looking for one of them. Well, you can look through all the dog photos you want but there is nothing like meeting him/her in person–that’s when the magic happens, and we were bewitched by this little guy from the start. We are all adjusting. I am asserting myself as the alpha dog and he is asserting himself as the dog. He fetches, runs like the wind, and goes right into the crate at night without any fuss. And, in the morning, he is very excited to see me and knows we are headed out for a walk. (He is great on a leash!) Today, we ran errands and got him a car seat. When I put him in it, he looked at me as if to say, “Hey, hey, I prefer to sit on your lap when you drive if it’s all the same to you.” I encourage you to come to the shelter or go to an adoption event and you will meet that special animal that will be the perfect pet for you and your family. As you can tell from the photo, Sheldon has made himself right at home. He will be sleeping on that sofa for the rest of his life. 😀 Thank you Sarah, Kate, Teri, and all the other volunteers for your dedication and commitment. You ROCK! It is because of you that we will now live happily ever after with this great little furry pal.