Guinea Love

Popcorn and Ginger adopted by Kylie on 08/06/2016

Hi there! My daughter and I come love on the animals as often as we can. I have two mixed pit babies from there. We had just left PetSmart looking at rats- which my daughter Kylie was set on- and decided to go pet the cats. My older daughter- Lillie had adopted 3 surrendered rats there, years ago…so I told Kylie it was worth a shit to ask. Sure enough, y’all had two surrendered guineas! She tried to hold out for rats- it lasted about one minute- then held popcorn. We took both of the piggies home and they are spoiled Titans loved tremendously. They love to snuggle and be fed fresh fruit and run in their play gate and sleep in their comfy guinea beds. Thank you all for what you do! Thank you from a very happy little girl that loves her guinea babies!