Greyson adopted by James on 01/23/2016

My wife and I have wanted a dog for a few years, but didn’t want to get one until we had a yard for them to play in. Once we got the house we kept meaning to go to the DFW Human society to look for a dog to adopt, but it always seemed like we were too busy. One day a friend of our showed us a picture of a little brindle pitbull puppy that was up for adoption. I love brindle dogs, and I love pits, so we decided to go take a look that weekend. As we looked at the puppies (which we so adorable), we felt pulled to go look at the adult dogs. A volunteer named Jim asked us some questions and brought out his “favorite dog” Greyson. We fell in love with his sweet face and big energy. He has been a never ending blessing to our little family.