Just Like Dad

Hiccup (formerly known as Sir Limps a-lot adopted by David Braun-Harrison on 12/15/2014

As a disabled veteran who has to walk with a limp and cane, my wife and I had been looking at helping with fostering for the shelter over the Christmas holiday season to help clear the shelter. She had been looking at the cats while I looking at the dogs. My wife had told me about a certain cat that had been there for a while and was missing one of his legs. Well I told her we should go see him, when I walked in I was greeted and the first thing that came out of my mouth was “where is the cat missing the leg i would like to see him.” I was told that he was extremely shy and possibly close to being feral, even though that might have been true i wanted to see him. It took me a bit to get him wrapped in a blanket to even be able to hold him, he was a very frightened kitty. Even though my wife thought it not to possible to keep him we took him for the holidays. He always hung out under our bed out of reach but ate and came out at night. As time went by I decided that a box was not his place and he needed a place even if it was not going to be possible to pet or play with. That was just about 2 years ago. Hiccup has now been running around when the kids are not home during the day and even meows when he is wanting affection, and man does he love affection. My wife and I both think that hes making up for lost time of what we call “getting the pets” and purrs like there is no tomorrow. We are still working on being able to hold him in our laps but it has been a very long road for our little friend who was very misunderstood. He has found a place in our hearts and still manages to amaze me with where he is able to get to. He has been one of the most interesting “foster failures” that has been in my life and I wouldn’t change a thing about him.