Hi! I’m Sammy! Can we be friends?

Sammy adopted by Laurel on 04/01/2015

Sammy is tiny but mighty with a huge heart. People love him because he is so friendly and cute. I take him to visit the nursing home and all the residents are delighted to see him. He loves all the attention. It doesn’t matter where I take him-to a park, a party, a pet store-he always makes a new friend. Thanks to my little ambassador, I have made many friends, too!

Welcome home Milo Jenkins

Milo Jenkins ( formerly known as Tiger ) adopted by Ornelas Family on 02/17/2017

Milo has been the perfect addition to our family.. He loves car rides and loves to travel..He enjoys long walks and dressing up for every occasion. We love Milo and we know he loves us too..We just love to spoil him for giving us so much joy..Milo has found his forever home.

Pets for Patriots Proud Partner

DFW Humane Society Joins Pets for Patriots Companion Pet Adoption Program for Military Veterans
Partners with nationwide charity to give shelter dogs and cats a second chance at life with veterans and military personnel

Irving, TX (May 25, 2017) – DFW Humane Society has partnered with Pets for Patriots, Inc., a nonprofit that saves lives of person and pet through companion pet adoption for United States military veterans.

Pets for PatriotsDespite the demonstrated emotional and physical benefits of companion pets, more dogs and cats are killed each year than the populations of Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota and Vermont combined. Working with Pets for Patriots, [your shelter] gives local veterans, active duty military members and their families the gift of unconditional love while providing the most overlooked dogs and cats a second chance at life.

“Daily care, food, vaccinations, and other essential needs and enrichment for pets in our shelter costs $25,000 a month; more when including spay and neuter procedures, wellness exams, and emergency medical care or other life-saving treatments,” says Sarah Kammerer, Executive Director. “Working with Pets for Patriots, we hope to inspire our local veterans and service members to give these animals a loving home. This will help us place more hard-to-adopt pets with good people who need or want a companion pet, and save these innocent animals from becoming permanent shelter residents.”

Individuals are welcome from all United States armed forces and at any stage of their careers. Eligible pets must meet one of three criteria: dog or cat two years or older or with special needs, or dog over 40 pounds.

Joining Pets for Patriots is entirely free to veterans, though they are responsible for following DFW Humane Society’s adoption procedures. To reduce the chance that these pets are surrendered, the charity sends a $150 gift card upon proof of eligible adoption to help with food and other essentials, and provides access to local veterinary partners who agree to offer ongoing discounted care. DFW Humane Society offers waived adoption fees to a member patriot as a thank you for their service.

“Our goal is to help our adoption partners re-home harder-to-place pets that still have years of love and life to give,” says Beth Zimmerman, founder and executive director of Pets for Patriots. “while at the same time making it more affordable for military personnel to bring a pet into their lives. We’re delighted to work with DFW
Humane Society to give these last-chance pets a second chance at life and, in so doing, to enhance the lives of veterans in the community. Everybody wins.”

DFW Humane Society quickly saw the potential to find hard-to-adopt dogs and cats permanent homes with service members. “We are able to place about 900 pets each year,” says Sarah Kammerer, “Through our partnership with Pets for Patriots, we hope to provide forever homes to even more loving animals with the many service members and veterans in our area.”

Individuals must first apply through Pets for Patriots and provide relevant eligibility documents. Approval typically takes no more than two business days, after which they can visit DFW Humane Society to find their new best friend.


About DFW Humane Society
Founded in 1967, DFW Humane Society focuses on its mission to rescue unwanted and neglected pets throughout DFW and the region, provide care and shelter, and give pets a second chance in life through adoption. Visit for more information

About Pets for Patriots
Pets for Patriots, Inc., is a nationally operating 501(c)(3) charity that creates life-saving opportunities for veterans to adopt homeless dogs and cats. Pets for Patriots is one of the only organizations in the country dedicated to United States military veterans from WWII up to and including those currently in service, while saving the most overlooked homeless animals. The charity is a proud member of the Army AW2 Wounded Warrior Program national community support network, a national partner of the Real Warriors Campaign and is listed by the National Resource Directory for ill and wounded veterans. Visit for more information.

Irvingites Form Humane Society

50th Anniversary: Brilliant Beginnings

Although DFW Humane Society was officially incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in 1967, the plans began 7 years earlier in 1960! This image is a clipping from the Irving Daily News about the first election of officers printed on Sunday, February 21, 1960.

Here is the full text of the article along with the text of the photo caption:

Sunday, February 21, 1960

Irvingites Form Humane Society

The newly organized Irving Humane Society met and elected officers Sunday, Feb. 14 in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Carl D. Bausch, <address redacted>. Officers are: Carl D. Bausch, president; Mrs. I. Hardesty, vice president: recording secretary, Mrs. Ralph Cook, corresponding secretary, Mrs. Carl D. Bausch, Mrs. I. Turner, treasurer. Elected to the Board of Directors were Mr. and Mrs. William Yount, Mr. & Mrs. Paul V. Simmons. Mrs. Jack Woodard was appointed Chairman of the Ways and Means committee.

The organization is in the process of being incorporated under the laws of Texas.

The Irving Humane Society is a charitable organization whose purpose is to promote kindness to domestic and wild animals through education and publicity among adults and minors. They believe as Albert Schweitzer has clearly stated in a quotation that, “when so much mistreatment of animals continue, when the cries of thirsty beasts from our railway cars die out unheard, when so much brutality prevails in our slaughterhouses, and when animals meet a painful death from unskilled hands, when animals suffer incredibly from merciless men, then we ALL bear the guilt of it”. Therefore they oppose every kind of cruelty from brutal transportation and slaughtering methods, surplus breeding of cats and dogs down to the exploitation of chicks and rabbits at Easter.

There objective is an adequate animal shelter where stray and unwanted animals would be received and given humane care until disposed of in one of three ways, by being returned to their rightful owner, placed in suitable homes, or humanely destroyed. The shelter will be run on a voluntary basis by time donated by the members of the organization.

The Irving Humane Society who lists 60 members is presently seeking new members and volunteer workers. Anyone interested should contact the Club President, Carl D. Bausch.

Mrs. Woodard announced plans at the Sunday meeting for a bake sale and rummage sale to be announced later.

Photo caption: HUMANE SOCIETY …The newly organized Irving Humane Society held election of officers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Rausch, <address redacted>. Pictured (l to r) Bausch, Mrs. Bausch, Mrs. Ralph Cook, Mrs. I. Turner, Mrs. I Hardesty, Mr. and Mrs. William Yount and Mrs. Jack Woodard.–News Staff

Furrever Love Mickey

Hubby n me always talked about getting a furry baby as he had dogs as a kid and I sheltered strays.
I volunteered for DFWHS for a short time in 2011 n 2012 and from then on had my heart set on rescuing one little darling.
We talked over the years and finally decided on getting one this year.
We arrived well prepared to take notes on how to get our home dog ready before we actually adopt.
After spending some time with the staff and volunteers we decided to take Mickey out for a trial run in the pen.
It was love at first lick and he came home with us that very day. Now his favorite toys are my shoes, hubby’s socks and his stuffed turtle.
He loves going on long walks, drives and making new friends at the dog parks. The best deed of the year….



Mia Esmeralda adopted by Veronica on 03/07/2017

After our 12 year old dog passed away, we felt the need of another pet. I wanted another dog but my daughter decided a cat would be a better choice for us since we now live in an apartment. We went to the shelter and fell in love with several cats but Mia stole our hearts. She is so sweet and has made our home hers as well. She loves treats and sleeps by my feet at night. We are so happy to have her; we will love her and take care of her for as long as she lives.
And by the way, my daughter Sammie added Esmeralda as her middle name because of her gorgeous green eyes 🙂