Your Support is Essential

Your generosity supports the care and comfort of our pets! You made our voice possible.

In 2016, your support provided for:

  • 650 life-saving pet rescues from other shelters
  • 852 pets finding their loving, forever homes
  • 9 major medical procedures
  • 23 heartworm treatments

The need for safe shelters like ours continues to grow, and we want to ensure that we are prepared to take on challenges new and old.

We continue to provide our pets with daily care, food, vaccinations, and other essential needs and enrichment at a cost of approximately $25,000 each month. That’s about $12 per day for each animal in the shelter not including additional expenditures such as spay and neuter procedures, wellness exams, and emergency medical care or other life-saving treatments coordinated through local veterinary clinics.

Your generosity is a vital part of providing these precious animals a second chance for happiness, health, and a loving, stable home.

  • Daily Care

    Each day, we provide food, water, love, and care to 60-80 pets in our shelter. Monthly costs are about $25,000.

  • Guardian Angel

    Through our Guardian Angel Fund, we are able to rescue and arrange for treatment of ailments ranging from heartworm treatment to broken bones.

  • Essential Supplies

    Donations provide supplies required to provide extraordinary care and cleanliness for our pets.

Information about Donation Options

  • General Care
    General care covers daily care of the pets in our shelter including food, vaccinations, spay/neuter, and other needs to keep our pets happy and healthy
  • Guardian Angel Fund
    Learn more about our Guardian Angel Fund
  • Angel for Keeps Program
    Learn more about our new, proposed Angel For Keeps pet retention program.