Angel for Keeps
Angel for Keeps
Angel for Keeps

Angel For Keeps Pet Retention Program

This proposed program will provide resources and financial assistance to pet owners who would surrender their pets to a shelter due to their temporary inability to afford a proper solution related to medical, behavior, general care and housing changes for their beloved companion.

  1. Medical Care- this fund would provide veterinary services for animals experiencing temporary and resolvable issues.
  2. Behavior problems- DFW Humane Society would provide basic training tips and suggestions for solving common problems and assist with expenses for professional pet training if needed.
  3. Housing changes- DFW Humane Society will maintain pet-friendly housing alternatives and work with as a tenant advocacy volunteer to resolve landlord issues.
  4. General Care- We will provide food and supplies for those experiencing tough times.
  5. Provide food and pet supplies to those in need
  6. Pay for grooming services (not on-going)
  7. Work with Irving Cares for referrals of those in need.

This program will be case by case basis and covered by donations and grants when available. The impact will preserve the human/animal bond, keep beloved companions where they belong and reduce incoming animals to shelters with the risk of euthanasia.