Shelter Wish List

Carroll HS Food Donation DriveThere are many ways to help out at our shelter including monetary gifts, volunteering, and event attendance or sponsorship. Many times, however, the best thing you can do for our pets is to provide some supplies that help keep our pets healthy and comfortable and the shelter clean and tidy. The items below are some of the most critical items to us, and any donation you can provide is appreciated.

Birthday DonationsWhether you decide to donate individually, start a donation drive at your school or office, or have guests bring supplies instead of birthday gifts for your party, you will know that the items are making life better for our sheltered pets while they wait for their forever home.

  • Cat Litter

    Standard clay litter is best.

  • Canned Cat Food

    Cats may be finicky, be we aren’t. All brands accepted.

  • Dog Treats

    Dogs love just about any treat, right?

  • Liquid Laundry Soap

    We’re not picky as long as it keeps the towels and blankets clean.

  • Paper Towels

    We all need to clean up spills now and then.

  • Industrial Mops

    Imagine mopping your floors times 60.

  • Industrial Brooms

    A lot of shedding goes on around here.

  • Dog and Cat Toys

    Dogs and cats love their playtime.

  • Canned Dog Food

    Most dogs aren’t picky about their food, so any brand works.

  • Squeegees

    These are great for cleaning floors.

  • Towels/Rags

    These can help with clean up, but mostly they provide a soft surface for our pets.

  • Blankets

    Who doesn’t like to curl up with a good blanket now and then?

  • Postage

    Yes, we still use the US Postal Service.

  • Copy Paper

    We have to keep a full stock of adoption forms handy.